Rats, mice, and other rodents are known to carry and spread a variety of diseases, both viral and bacterial. And, if it gets into your home, it could bring those undesirable pathogens along with fleas and other parasites. Rats secured its place in history by spreading the highly dangerous bubonic plague.

Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause allergies in children. Mice can also support many ectoparasites, bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your home.


Damage caused by Rodents:

House Fires: Rodents can cause significant property damage with its incessant gnawing behavior. The rodent's front teeth grow perpetually and, as a result, it must constantly gnaw on surfaces to wear its teeth down. When inside a home, the rodents are known to gnaw on electrical wiring - a significant cause of house fires - as well as PVC pipes and HVAC ducts.

Rat Bites:
Not only do rodents chew, it also bites! A rodent bite can pass strep bacteria to its victim, but often the bite itself is a critical event. Small children and infants are most often victims of the rodent's bite as documented in recent newspaper articles where infants have suffered the loss of toes or even died as a result of rat bites.

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