Pest Exterminators of India is a premier fumigation & pest management company offering a comprehensive range of Fumigation and Professional Pest Management Services.

At Pest Exterminators of India we are in the process of constantly learning and developing new process that will suit our customer´s requirements. We attend most of the training sessions that are conducted in India and abroad to offer the best services to our customers.

What makes PEST EXTERMINATORS different?

  • 24/7 Service.
  • Dedicated team to serve our customers pest control needs.
  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and cheque payments.
  • We offer personalized cost effective services.
  • We guarantee satisfaction for all our services.
  • We are a 28 Year old company owned and operated in 15 locations across India.


PEST EXTERMINATORS will address any pest problem, using our vast experience and knowledge in the pest control industry.


Since 1984, PEST EXTERMINATORS has been protecting businesses and homes by combining a deep scientific knowledge of pests with a thorough understanding of each customer’s unique needs.


Today, with 15 locations across the country, you can trust PEST EXTERMINATORS to provide high quality, consistent service.


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Registered Office

    No 44, 1st Floor Peace House,
    Moore Street, Mannady,Chennai - 600001
    • Phone : 044-25221103
    • Hand Phone : 9940020177